Zakład Konstrukcji Spawanych Montex Ltd. operates in Poland since 1989 with headquarters in Świętochłowice, which is located in Upper Silesia, the most industrious region of the country. With over 20 year history in steel business company concentrates its activities primarily on manufacturing steel constructions from carbon and alloy steel. Montex’s product portfolio includes:

Discharged Electrodes are being constructed by resistance welding method, in which Montex has already long-term experience.
As for the beginning of 2013, Montex has produced more than 800 tonnes with one of the biggest germen industrial corporation being the main recipient of Montex’s products. The company Montex till this moment was cooperating with this company, by executing its few, enormous orders.

From 2012 Montex is the member of Patentus plc. Capital Group, listed on Warsaw stock exchange. The membership in Patentus Group provides the company not only with new growth opportunities but also increased bargaining power specifically in the area of orders for machine cutting.

The company’s owned machine park is directing Montex towards the production of medium sized and high level of difficulty structures. The firm benefits from highly specialized equipment and machinery including hydraulic rollers used in metal sheets, machine GEKA HYDRACROP 55A, which is to blanking, cutting and shaping is also prepared to process metal parts of thickness more than 3 mm and hydraulic bender to pipes and metal profiles APK 81 type from AKYAPAK company. Machine has the possibility to bend the flats, circular and square rods
and finally T, NPU, NTI profiles from stainless steel, brass in many different shapes and round scale. On top of that Montex is equipped with high capacity gantries, some of it can reach the highest possible load capacity – 20T and 32T.

The company offers highest quality products with internationally recognized certifications including PN-EN ISO 9001, DIN 18800-7
and PN-EN 1090-2 certificates. By ensuring the quality of the company’s products in accordance with customers’ requirements, compliance
with statutory requirements, fostering innovations and continuously improving quality, Montex satisfies growing demands of its customers
and stakeholders on the market.

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